After years of relationships with females one discovers that females insist that males initiate contact. Why is this? For a long time society has depicted males as  the aggressors in every situation. Direct, aggressive males are often more dominant than their passive, indirect counterparts, but excessive aggressiveness can be detrimental.

Recently, I have noticed that initiating contact ‘gets the ball rolling,’ but it does not keep it there. Men that lack the ‘gift of gab’ may initiate contact, yet fail to perpetuate the conversation. It takes time to become a conversationalist. Most men can converse but those that don’t initiate are too shy/nervous to make the first move. Women today have been trained to wait for initiation. It has become taboo for a female to approach another male in hopes of sparking romantic interest. It is simply unheard of. Why I ask?

Personally, I have no problem with initiating; however, it becomes really tricky when a girl situates herself in a big group of her friends. Initiating contact with these girls proves challenging. Have you ever went to the club and a group of 8-10 girls all dance together in a circle having the time of their lives? I never understood that.

Apparently, girls travel in groups of no less than 3. It’s an unspoken rule. For safety reasons, you would rarely find a girl traveling alone. I’m not against women being safe, but give a brother a break. It’s difficult enough to muster up the courage to initiate, why must we deal with another 9-10 of your friends as well?

“Girls always travel in packs. Except for hoes and prostitutes; they’re on business.”

This group mentality makes it difficult for most men to approach a female. It is psychologically off-putting , but I guess that is a part of the battle as well. Leave a comment, share and subscribe.

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