Responding to Messages

Have you ever sent a message to a friend or colleague via facebook, e-mail or any other social media and the person either decided to not respond or could not respond to your message in a timely manner? That aggravates me. I am not the only one that gets frustrated over late responses to messages. This happens far too frequently. I can understand this happening in the business world, where schedules are hectic and time limited, but not in everyday life.

I recently messaged an old college friend and he took 7 days to respond. I am skeptical as to whether it was 7 days since he last checked his messages. He recently earned an analyst position with Deutsche Banke on  Wall Street , so his time may be limited. I am scheduled to work for Deloitte & Touche about 2 weeks from now, but I am sure I will still be checking my messages at least 3 times a week. Therefore, this fails to explain why he is incapable of responding within less than 7 days. His response, albeit not very well received, was rather lengthy, jovial and carefree. It obviously took some time for him to piece the message together, so I am not completely aggravated.

I am speaking with the assumption that he purposely delayed sending the message. Could he have possibly done that? When a person does that, they usually do not want to speak to you, or they are contemplating on what to say. I honestly may just be overthinking the whole situation since New York has its fair share of distraction; way more than the Bahamas, which is where I am staying. I guess the hustle and bustle of New York life can stop anyone from checking their messages.

Make less assumptions. Think the best and prepare for the worst. Most people’s thoughts cheat them out of enjoying life. The fear of rejection coupled with anxiety can be aweful. One person sees a glass half full while the other sees it half empty. Perennial optimism is the name of the game. So the next time you assume that someone has purposely delayed a response to your person, sit down and really think about the situation. They may be busier than you think.

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