Tough World

Lately I have discovered that life is tough on us all. Regardless of our social status, financial situation or choice of career, life deals out the same blows. At one moment, your on top of the world and then the next moment your entire world has imploded on itself. It seems dramatic, but this is reality. The ups and downs of life come at unsuspecting times, but things usually work out for the best in the end.

I’ve learned to keep a level head, an even keel, so as to be prepared for the unexpected. No one knows what fortunes or misfortunes tomorrow may bring. One can only take life one day at a time. The longer I live the more I realise that it pays to live in the moment. Let go of past fears, hopes and regrets and focus on the present.  Tomorrow takes care of itself.

Take solace in the belief that what’s for you will be for you. This means that what’s truly best for you, you will acquire in the end. Looking back on life, I understand that certain misfortunes were in my best interest. Every misfortune is purposed to make you a better person.  Think of the silver lining, if you will.  So cheer up. It’s not all bad. It’s really all good.

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