NFL Football | Relationships

As the start of  a new NFL football seasons draws nigh, Madden NFL fever is on the rise once again. Madden NFL 11 should be a great addition to the Madden series, and Madden fans have already begun their pre-orders. In my earlier years, I was fond of Madden. I remember playing through 6 consecutive seasons with the Cardinal franchise and winning the Superbowl every time – this is harder to do than it sounds. The Cardinals have a dismal franchise. Those were the good old days. Madden NFL 11 has way better A.I. and tackling animations than the previous versions. Here is some gameplay footage from, what looks like, an Xbox 360 for your viewing pleasure:

It’s been 5 years since I last picked up the controller. At the time, I played Madden 2005, which featured Ray Lewis and the game’s new and improved defensive features. With a mere Gamecube and two decent controllers, I had the time of my life.

The Gamecube has become obsolete now Madden has turned to the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to continue their beloved franchise. I no longer have a Gamecube, but I would love to try my hand at Madden NFL 11. I start work at Deloitte in a few days and I’m currently studying for the CPA, but I have had very little time to relax. I blog occasionally, but nothing serious. Hopefully I can purchase an Xbox 360 and start video gaming again soon.

In fact, I haven’t watched the NFL season games since 2006. At this point, I have no idea who is on whose team. I watch the Superbowl but as for season games and Monday night football, I’m at a loss. It should be interesting to see how the season plays out this year. I haven’t been able to keep up with past season games or video gaming due to college life, not due to lack of interest. What sane male disdains NFL Football?

While watching television a few days ago, I have discovered that Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens now have their own television spots – this should be interesting to follow. Anyone can come out with their own television show nowadays.

Apparently, VH1 has decided to boost their ratings with NFL star powerv- how ambitious!

Who am I rooting for this NFL season? The Seahawks of course. Lol, I hope they do well this year. I’ve been a consistent supporter for about 3 years now, and I haven’t been too impressed with their performances. At least I am loyal. Don’t you hate those fans that jump ship around game 12 of the season just to save face? Pathetic. If you start with one team finish with that team. Thank you.

In other news, the girl that I am talking to, a Bahamian native (like myself), is on a research internship in Helsinki, Finland at Aalto University. She claims that her internet “is not loving” her right now, so we are unable to Skype but we keep in touch with one facebook message a day. It sounds so fishy and feels even worse. My friends don’t want to even talk about the situation anymore. I really hope she’s not playing me. It’s simply unfathomable. While in high school, she was the perfectly innocent girl. Her cheating on me makes no sense ; it’s almost impossible to believe.

These internet glitches have been going on for a week and half now. I’m not sure whether to take her word for it or suspect her of mischief; we have history. We graduated from the same high school, and we both graduated from college at the same time, but we attended completely different institutions. College life at Morehouse College does not compare to college life at McGill University in many aspects. I am in love with her, and I do not fully trust  her. It is a wierd relationship, I know, but what relationship does not have its quirks nowadays?

Anyway, I honestly find it difficult to believe that she still lacks a proper internet connection. I do not buy her story. People say that your gut instinct is your best instinct. Let us hope that this proves false this time around. I would hate to have to go through something like this:

I mean, why cheat? Why not just break up with the person instead? It makes no sense to stay in a relationship if you are obviously unsatisfied or unhappy. Voicing your concerns to a partner is one way to go about not cheating. Most people cheat due to a lack of communication. Your partner won’t know that his or her needs are not being met if you cannot effectively communicate. Maintain an open line of communication and develop your conversational skill. Without effective communication, there is no relationship.

Some cheat out of convenience, while others cheat because their original relationship was lacking. Others cheat for the thrill, but why? If you are involved with a wonderful person, yet you are drawn to cheat, there must be something amiss. Never really understood that. I am not certain that she is cheating, but here I go playing all the possible scenarios in my head. The mind, both a constructive and destructive tool.

Invading your partner’s privacy, the only foolproof method of truly discovering your partner’s infidelity, has its drawback. If your partner has not cheated, you may have lost your partner’s trust forever. How then can you determine whether your partner has cheated without risking the relationship’s trust? Trusting an old flame, let alone a new one, is difficult; she and I have tried to form a relationship before. Hopefully it all works out. I would hate to be made a fool of again. It hurts to know the one you love can not be trusted.

Apart from that, today was pretty good. I hope to get a well needed haircut in a few days in preparation for work. It’s difficult to find a reasonably skilled Bahamian barber. Kristofer, a close friends, had his haircut a few days back – it was atrocious. I could not believe the damage his hairline had suffered. In less than 20 minutes his hair days were over. I would hate for that to happen to me. While in Atlanta, a good hair cut was never hard to find.

For the record, if anyone wants a great haircut in the Atlanta area go to the West End barbershop and ask for Lettie. University Cuts has a few decent barbers as well. Their barbershop burned down during my Junior year(2009), but they sould be back up and running by now. Thank me later.

Well, mum made some cinamon rolls. Deuces!

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