Rick Ross – Aston Martin Music ft. Drake – (Video)

Sitting in the audit room contemplating life. It’s amazing to think that I made to Deloitte and Touche, now the best accounting firm in the world based on revenue, head count, and places to launch a career. Despite my life’s successes, I still feel as though I have a void in my life. At times I sense that there’s more to life than money, cars and hoes. One may say that life should be about spending time with the one’s you love rather than pursuing carnal pleasures and material possessions. I agree. At this point, I have about $2000 – $3000 in the bank, I have bought all the clothes and shoes that I coveted during my time in college, and yet I still feel a void.

I woke up a little late for work (6:30) and I also got to work a little late (7:45). This would be early for others but it was a late arrival for me. It seemed that the entire day was going all haywire, especially since I would not get home until 8pm today due to my scheduled JA appointment. This song and video spoke to me. It reminded me of how far I’ve come. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in possession of an Aston Martin, but I have achieved alot for my first 21 years on earth and I’m on track to achieve alot more (possibly more than I can currently imagine at this stage in my life).

Growing up in an apartment with the tiles peeling off the floors, and not having enough money to do alot of the things the children at my school took for granted has provided me with a perspective that most people would not be able to relate to. I understand the struggles that people face and the naysayers that we must often ignore in order to achieve our goals (Per example, the little girl in skit that says that Ross would never earn enough money to purchase an Aston Martin). Sometimes you just have to ignore them and keep pressing on. Never Give Up.

This song really spoke to me today.

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