Brighter Day

Yesterday I found out that I was not in fact fired from my job. What a relief! The package that was left for me was from one of my clients from a prior engagement. I suspect that they’re confirmation responses. The package, I was told, seems a bit hefty. The farewell lunch that was held on the 23rd was for one of my coworkers who left the firm.

She was a kind, gentle lady. I wonder why she chose to leave Deloitte. She was struggling with her CPA examinations , and didn’t fare to well on her last sitting. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to pass. I wonder if Deloitte decided to let her go, or if she left on her accord. A manager also left the firm on the same date. I never got to form a working relationship with this manager, but she seemed rather friendly. We had a bit of a quarrel on our first day; someone instructed me to sit in her cubicle due to the firm’s lack of seating for it’s Co-op students, that was over a year ago now.

I’ve been invited to another Deloitte party, but I am not certain as to whether I should go. Deloitte’s employees are hard drinkers and I don’t want to try to fit into that sort of crowd. Drinking gives me headaches. I used to drink socially despite the headaches, but as I get older I realize that drinking seriously damages the body’s neurological and physiological systems. A few friends told me about their uncle’s and what alcohol had done to their bodies. They described systems similar to muscular dystrophy and relayed their decreased cognitive ability. Often times these men were incoherent, off balance and prone to obesity. I never want to drink again in my life.

My senior, the one that gave me a negative EPR, has invited me to her CPA party. She recently passed the exam and is hosting a celebration party at her house to start off the new year. This would be a great opportunity for me to socialize with my coworkers, yet I’ve found myself in a dilemma. Should I drink and socialize with my coworkers so that I can ensure job security, or should I pursue this girl I met at church a few days ago? I have already attended most of Deloitte’s functions, and I haven’t been entirely impressed. If I pursue this girl, I wouldn’t have to drink and I wouldn’t be pressured to. Not only will I not be severely inebriated, I could also spark a romantic interest and revive my love life. Although, I can attend the party, not drink, ensure job security and spark  a romantic interest all at the same time.

I have yet to receive a time during which me and this church girl will meet, but I’m aware of the date. We’re to meet for a Church Youth Ministry meeting. We’re meeting to organize the events for CYM 2011. Hopefully, I’ll make the right chose. I plan to pray about it. I’ve already fasted for a day for clarity on my decision, yet I am still torn given new invites to socials and plans me and my high school friends have made for this weekend. As I said before, all I can do to ensure my well being in this regard is to pray.

And I almost forgot. I’m also an adviser for the Junior Achievement program, and busy season starts in January. This is going to be an interesting year. I can only pray that God blesses me with the strength and perseverance to overcome these challenges. This is truly an opportunity for personal growth and development. There will definitely be a Brighter Day.

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