II – St. Gregory’s the Great – Steak Out

St. Gregory’s steak out was today on the church grounds. It seems that tickets need to be sold on a more vigorous basis. I was able to assist with setting up, purchasing of the lettuce and tomatoes, grilling of the steaks and chickens, cleaning the lettuce, purchasing additional items and the safekeeping of receipts. Although it began to rain, they were still able to grill a majority of the steaks and chickens. It was suggested for future reference that the chickens not be part boiled because they would break up on the grill when being prepared. The individual that volunteered one of the grills didn’t arrive until 11:15, so the members of the ACM of St. Gregory’s had to prepare their steaks and chickens on St. Gregory’s grills that were in need of repair. There are two grills that St. Gregory’s currently owns and the left and right side of the grills have been burnt through (1- left side, 2 – right side). Shanty Richards used his own personal steak sauce on the steaks and chicken. I must say that that sauce was on point.

A few other events were held today also. St. Agnes had a steak out and fair on their grounds today. It was also rumored that St. George’s had an event scheduled for today as well. I’m not sure as to how it has been organized on a Diocese basis, but I believe that these events should be scheduled at different times so as to not clash with each other. That’s just my opinion. It seems as though the church’s are competing when in actuality they should be working together, but that’s not my department.

PYL’s Souse Out and Car Wash have been postponed until September; members are not ready to kick off the event in August. I haven’t heard from anyone that I have sent my resumes to as yet; however, I did get a whatsapp message from the Chairman of the PYL indicating that there was a position at FCIB that his former manager was looking to fill. I really want to hear back from the position that I applied for in Freeport. I want to get off this island. I should also send a few applications off to a few places in the States.

On a more personal note, these are times that I was able to record out on the pave track yesterday:

Lap 1:  2:00.62                                                                 Lap 2: 1:41.17

Lap 3: 1:49.90                                                                   Lap 4: 1:35.14

If I were to make an estimate, I would say that the pave track was close to a  500m – 550m distance. These times (especially the first one) are not really that good. It was my first time timing myself. I wasn’t very winded after the runs and I walked about 2 miles before I came to the track. The first lap, I ran with a phone in my hand. The other three laps I ran with my hands empty. Hopefully I should be able to break the 1:30.00 mark tonight.

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