Independence Day Church Service Televised.

I was able to run last night; however, I forgot my watch/timer and wasn’t able to produce any times. The BTC carrier symbol has finally been restored on my phone after being out for such a long time. I had to fight through the rain in order to run last night, but the fight was worth it. I’m really getting in shape and I’m beginning to believe that that paved track may actually be 400 meters long. I ran with my hands open and my fingers spread, my shoulders relaxed, and my hand drove from my  ear and back to my waist. The times must have been faster, but I have no way of knowing without a timer.

The Independence Day Church service that I was a part of will in the beginning of this month (July, 2013) will be televised on channel 11 and 12  at 1 and 2pm respectively. I was requested to be an acolyte yesterday, but I’m not certain as to whether I will accept that offer. My Uncle Henry was in attendance at church today as well as a former co-worker from one of my clients. Me and my Uncle exchanged some words, but I avoided the coworker. I felt as though she avoided me as well. Since the PYL Souse Out function is postponed, I will be free to attend the Cursillo Picnic on August 17th, 2013 at Adelaide from 11am – 4pm.

So I ended up washing the car and reading the remainder of chapter 18. I still need to read both chapters 19 and 20 for tomorrow. Just saw an article in the Nassau Guardian concerning VAT and how it is going to affect the Bahamian people, especially professional accountants. The article was written by my immediate former employer.

My run last night was hesitant, there were a number of distractions. The park was a bit crowded, the air was a bit more humid than usual and my phone was glitching. I was able to run 3 laps but I did not time any of them.

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