Series 7 Classes/New System

It seems as though things are turning around for the better. I did not go to the acolyte practice, but I don’t count that as a lost because I can request to be an acolyte if that turns out to be the last resort. I was able to read the majority of chapter 21 in preparation for the Series 7 exam at the NGL. I really want to pass so that I can at least get my training certificate. I need to score at least 75%. I need to start buckling down on my studies. The exam is technically in 3 days and I still have to answer the quiz questions for chapter 18 and 19 and read chapters 21 and 22. I hope that he pushes the test date back a few more days so that I can have a little extra time to prepare. I don’t feel as though this should be a rushed issue.

The Roman numeral system seems to be working fine; however, it is not much of a motivator. I’m thinking on developing a new system. Here is an initial outline of the new system:

RB: Williams #24

75 laps = 150 yds

50 push-ups = no fumbles ; +10 push-ups = 1 broken tackle

2x 50 butt-kicks = yds(1) ; 3x 50 butt-kicks = yds(1.2) ; 4x 50 butt-kicks = yds(1.25)

2x 50 high knee lifts = yds(1)             ”                                        ”

80 sit-ups = no dropped passes; +20 sit-ups = 1 reception

1 minute plank = 10 yds

1 Loss = deduction of 25% of the total all purpose yards.

The goal would be to beat some of the statistics of some of the best running backs in the National Football League.

28 TDs – Most Touchdowns in 1 season by LaDainian Tomlinson

2,105 rushing yds – Eric Dickerson (The most rushing yards in 1 season)

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