Nate Robinson – Highlights (Visuals)

Song 1 : Kanye West – Touch the sky
Song 2 : Imagine dragons – Radioactive
Song 3 : Eddy B. & Tim Gunter – Underdog

Some impressive visuals of Nate Robinson standing at a mere 5″ 9′ playing some exceptional professional basketball. I must say that the Chicago Bulls have an impressive cast of players. You knows, they may take it all the way once Derrick Rose gets back on the court. Ultimately, Nate Robinson proves that you can achieve anything you put your mind and effort to once you have that desire and belief in yourself. This video is his ultimate expression of his own self-confidence, and that gets you far in life.

Courtesy of:  iFlashDeaDzz

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2 thoughts on “Nate Robinson – Highlights (Visuals)

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