Nas Responds to Kendrick’s Control Verse (Video)

Nas interviews with Ms. Info from Hot 97 during the release of the special edition Henessey V.S. bottle with Os Gemeos at NYC’s Pier 57. Nas was questioned on the role Hip-Hop has in the world of fine art and Kendrick’s verse on Control. Nas believes that Hip-Hop always played a crucial role in fine-art and culture; however, Hip-Hop’s influence just was never adequately appreciated and recognized by the public eye. As it relates to Kendrick Lamar’s verse, Nas responded:

“Wow, I love hip-hop right now!……….I’m a listener, so that’s what I do!” – Nas

Nas is due to release a new album to the public later on this year. His guarded response to the Kendrick Lamar question may not bode well for the West Coast rapper and his rapport with Nas; one of the more prominent rap moguls of our time.

My Personal Opinion:

I believe that Kendrick’s challenge to the rappers and his claim to be the King of New York was a bit immature. He is a relatively new artist and he has a long way to go in the industry before he can claim such a status. He may have offended some of the older artists in the game by his lack of appreciation of the time it takes to hone your abilities before making such grand statements. Basically, Kendrick Lamar is very talented, but he can still learn a lot from those that have been in the game longer and even some of his peers. To me it seemed as though the verse came off more so as disrespect than a challenge between artists.

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2 thoughts on “Nas Responds to Kendrick’s Control Verse (Video)

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