Tom Brady – The Year of the Quarterback (The Brady 6) (Video)

Tom Brady’s documentary on his rise to fame in the National Football League as well as his collegiate quarterback experience at the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan was an awesome training ground for Tom Brady. With all the talent surrounding him, Brady was faced with a sink or swim situation. Tom Brady may not be the fastest, the strongest, the most elusive or the most agile, but he was definitely the most determined. Brady struggled to maintain a starting role during his college career and had to fight off sophmore Drew Henson during his junior and senior year as the University of Michigan’s starting quarterback.

Brady’s most memorable collegiate performance was at the Orange Bowl where he was able to win the game for his team in overtime. Brady was named “The Comeback Kid!” Brady’s struggle for recognition continued when it came time for Brady to be drafted to the National Football League. His scouting report read like a train wreck, but that did not deter Tom. Brady was definitely not a star at the combine. His 40 time and vertical jump were the worst that any scouter had ever seen. Six quarterbacks were chosen before Tom Brady. Tom Brady was eventually drafted as the 199th overall pick for the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady possessed an intangible that most scouters could not see; confidence. He by far is the most poised quarterback I’ve seen play in the toughest of situations, and that’s what makes him great. The quarterbacks that were chosen before Tom Brady (the Brady 6) were:

Spergon Wynn | Chad Pennington | Tee Martin | Chris Redman | Giovanni Carmazzi | Marc Bulger

Brady is the youngest quarterback to win 3 Super Bowl titles. He was able to make castoff and newcomer wide receivers appear as though they were veterans. He was looked upon to be a good quarterback let alone a potential Hall of Famer, but he was and he is.

“I want to feel as though I’m the best quarterback for this team…..I want to earn it every single day!” – Tom Brady

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