Fabolous Includes Ryan Leslie & Pharrell On Loso’s Way 2 & Discusses Kendrick Lamar

fabolous, kendrick lamarAfter the final game of this year’s Entertainer’s Basketball Classic at Rucker Park Fabolous spoke with The Source concerning Allen Iversons’ retirement from the NBA, Allen’s recently release of Allen’s signature Reebok basketball shoe, his own upcoming project Loso’s Way 2, and the Kendrick Lamar Control Verse controversy.

When asked about the release of his upcoming Loso’s Way 2 Fabolous responded saying:

Yeah man, am tightening it up. I was almost at a final pivotal point of the project in trying to wrap it up, but I bumped into my guy Ryan Leslie, who wasn’t on the project yet, so now we getting in the studio and coming with some stuff. I think everybody knows the chemistry that we have, and the kind of music he makes with that organic New York feel to it, so I really wanted him to be a part of this project. Also Pharrell, he’s got a new hunger again for hip-hop, so he came to me and said ‘yo we gotta get in again,’ so am gonna go check him out as well, and lock it down, and get this project out to the fans.

Fabolous was then posed with this question:

So I have to ask you, a lot of people are expecting you to respond to Kendrick’s controversial verse on ‘Control,’ will we hear something from you in regards to this matter?”

Hit the jump to read his response.


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