Bodega BAMZ On Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal (Video)

Bodega Bamz telling stories about visiting a whore house. This guy is hilarious! You have to hear his story!

The Tan Boy, alongside Hot 97′s Laura Styles and Malik “Cool Runnings/New York Undercover” Yoba, was featured in Cipha Sounds’ improv comedy show last week, where he told stories on “high-tech G-spots,” his first STD scare, and more.

Age 16 – SpokenReasons (Video)

SpokenReasons gives us an “intimate,” detailed discussion of his experiences at age 16. Don’t take this video seriously. I’m sure he was in a library studying somewhere at the age.

Kevin Hart – Say It With Your Chest ep.1 (Video)

With Let Me Explain still in select theaters worldwide, Kevin Hart debuts the premiere episode of his new animated series, Say It With Your Chest. Focusing on the Hart family, including a young Kevin Hart, the show will detail the misadventures of Kev and his friends.

Here is a list of the characters and their background:

Young Kevin: Hindered by a hormone imbalance that makes him short, but capable of growing a goatee, Young Kevin navigates the treacherous waters of friends, family and childhood as a precocious 8 year old.

Daddy Hart: Married to his La-Z-Boy chair, Daddy Hart is committed to his street proven former drug addict sensibilities. He loves his son, but views the world as the Serengeti and Young Kevin as a lame gazelle.

Uncle Al: A former convict, Uncle Al views the world through a prism of a prisoner. He counsels Young Kevin as though both lived behind bars and his neurotic paranoid filled advice often creates more confusion than solution.

Grandma Hart: Always accompanied by Jesus who is her silent copilot, Grandma Hart wields her advice through scripture and a switchblade. A tenth degree black belt, Grandma Hart is to be feared and respected, even by Jesus

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Spoken Reasons – My Ex (Video)

Spoken Reasons feels bad for his Ex! Shoutout to all those exes out there! Nice smooth RnB joint for the men who’ve been dumped by that one girl you gave up so much for.

I hope Spoke doesn’t give in and go back to that girl!

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Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog: Samir: “Shut up, don’t tell me how to drive…” (Video)

Samir is getting verbally abused by his co-driver while trying to navigate some seriously treacherous terrain. This is hilarious! I had to repost!

Movie Trailer: Ride Along Starring Kevin Hart (Video)

This movie is getting watched immediately. Kevin Hart is simply hilarious. There is no doubt about it.

“Fast-talking security guard Ben joins his cop brother-in-law James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James’ sister.”

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Drake and J. Cole Speak on Kendrick Lamar (Diss) (Video)

Drake, J. Cole and Big Sean discuss the Kendrick Lamar “Control” verse.

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Comedy Throwback: Chappelle Show Extras – Charlie Murphy (Video)

Given Chappelle’s return to the Western world as we know it, I was drawn to look at some videos from the past. Here is one with Charlie Murphy discussing adventures with Rick James, bumrushing, Studio 54, the abyss, and much more.

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Dave Chappelle Returns to Stand Up


In 2005, Dave Chappelle was merely the hottest comedian in America. Then he left his job and became a far more singular cultural figure: A renegade to some, a lunatic to others, but most of all, an enigma.

In a surprise turn of events ,Dave Chappelle is planning to return from a prolonged hiatus frOm stand up comedy as the headline for the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. The Festival tours 15 cities and begins on Friday in Austin, Texas. It seems Chappelle has finally made certain that he is in fact “dancing and not shuffling.”   READ THE FULL STORY

Dormtainment – Breakfast Freestyle


Since everyone seem to have a freestyle or response of some kind today. Why not listen to throwback freestyle from the crew at Dormtainment.

Who got the Juice?

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Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop – Lose CONTROL!! (Kendrick Response)


So I’m surfing the internet, just relaxing for the most part and I come across Kevin Hart. I’m reminded that Kevin Hart is also a rapper, and here is what he has prepared in response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” Check it out!