Derrick Rose – Highlights/Life Story (Video)

Derrick Rose went down with an injury a season ago, and has yet to return to the NBA. Despite hopes for him starting in the upcoming season, reporters are not certain as to exactly when Derrick Rose will return to the game. Chicago fans await their beloved athlete and former NBA MVP. The Chicago Bulls were able to make the playoffs last year despite their own athletic personnel struggles seperate and apart from Derrick Rose’ ACL injury. Loul Deng, Nate Robinson, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, and Marquis Teague had to step their games up last season and they made a respectable run at the championship trophy despite the loss of their franchise player.

Rose brings an electricity to the game, that I have never seen before. “Long live the rose that grew through concrete.” Get an inside look on his life story and what drives his performance down below:

“Why can’t I be the best player in the league?” – Derrick Rose

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Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James (HD)


And the Lebron James versus Kobe Bryant debate continues especially with the Heat’s recent Championship win against the Spurs this year. Despite the Heat’s victory, I believe Kobe Bryant is the better player statistically; however, Lebron James has an upperhand in athleticism. Kobe Bryant is a more skilled competitor and therefore my vote goes to him.

Compare Kobe Bryant & Lebron James Statistics

Leave comment and tell me who you think is better.

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Nate Robinson – Highlights (Visuals)

Song 1 : Kanye West – Touch the sky
Song 2 : Imagine dragons – Radioactive
Song 3 : Eddy B. & Tim Gunter – Underdog

Some impressive visuals of Nate Robinson standing at a mere 5″ 9′ playing some exceptional professional basketball. I must say that the Chicago Bulls have an impressive cast of players. You knows, they may take it all the way once Derrick Rose gets back on the court. Ultimately, Nate Robinson proves that you can achieve anything you put your mind and effort to once you have that desire and belief in yourself. This video is his ultimate expression of his own self-confidence, and that gets you far in life.

Courtesy of:  iFlashDeaDzz

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