The Weeknd – Live For f. Drake (Video)

A week after releasing his Kiss Land LP, The Weeknd delivers the official music video for “Live For” featuring fellow Toronto rep Drake. The single now has a a set of visuals.

Drake – Nothing Was the Same (Album Trailer)

“Drake and company bring out the big boy whips for the official trailer to his upcoming album, Nothing Was the Same, due out September 24th. Music provided by Hit-Boy and Rey Reel.”

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Drake Covers Billboard


Drake has the fortune of covering Billboard magazine and expresses his happiness for his career thus far! At age 26 he feels like he is on top of the world. Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same  hits stores on September 26th.

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Drake Talks About “Tuscan Leather” & Reveals “Paris Morton Music II” Is On N.W.T.S.


Earlier this month Rolling Stone included Drake‘s upcoming album Nothing Was The Same in their fall music preview, and revealed that Jay-Z & Lil Wayne would be on the album as features. Today some more info from and tidbits from the album came to light. 40 and Drizzy spoke about the intro to the album titled “Tuscan Leather,” saying that it has a Whitney Houston sample and that 40 flipped it into three different beats for the three verses.‪

Of bombastic album opener “Tuscan Leather,” 40 says, “It’s a three-staged record – one sample flipped three different ways, with a verse over each beat.”

The other exciting part of the preview is that Drake reveals that the album features a sequel to his popular song “Paris Morton Music.” The first one was absolute flames so we really can’t even begin to imagine what kind of fire Drake is bringing for the sequel.‪

Drake, meanwhile, cites the standout track “Paris Morton Music II” as the clearest proof that he’s stepped up his game. “That track excites me from a rap standpoint, just getting off bars and different flows,” he says. “I played it for J. Cole, on some rap buddy-buddy shit, and he was like, ‘Damn!’”

‬With the album now dropping officially on September 24 and the official standard and deluxe covers now out, expect a lot more info in the coming weeks about the album.

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Drake – Nothing was the Same (Artwork)


The artwork for Drake’s upcoming album titled “Nothing was the Same!” The album was originally scheduled for a December release; however, Drake has decided to focus on the VMAs and has pushed the album release date back. It was originally scheduled to be released as of September 17th is now due to be released on September 24th. I personally don’t see anything alarming about that. I perfectly understand. What’s an additional 7 days to tweak things and make sure they are just right before release? The backcover of the album can be seen after the jump.


The Weeknd – Live for ft. Drake |Kiss Land Tracklist


The Weeknd has a track with Toronto native Drake titled “Live For”. The Weeknd’s upcoming album Kiss Land is due to drop September 10th of this year. The Weeknd has released a tracklist for his upcoming album. View the 10 song tracklist below:

1. Professional
2. The Town
3. Adaptation
4. Love In The Sky
5. Belong To The World
6. Live For
7. Wanderlust
8. Kiss Land
9. Pretty
10. Tears In The Rain

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Drake Willing to Work with Jay-Z & Lil Wayne | All Me f. 2 Chainz & Big Sean


Drake enlists the assistance of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z on his new project titled Nothing the Same  due to release September 17th.

“This album is about growth,” says the Toronto MC. “When I play it for people, they ask, ‘Who’s that rapping?’ I’m like, ‘That’s me.’” The LP also features all-star guests from Jay Z to Lil Wayne, plus superhot producers like Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke. One highlight? The emotional “Connect.” “That one hits you in the heart,” says Drake. “It’s painful and beautiful at the same time.”

Drake’s recent track is titled “All Me” featuring Big Sean and 2 Chainz, take a listen to the track down below:

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Versace – Migos ft. Drake, Meek Mill & Tyga (Video)

Versace, versace,versace,versace!

This track has been on replay for me a little while. I felt that it was only fair to blog it. This collaboration of Migos, Drake, Meek Mill & Tyga may go down in history as one of the best (not quite the number 1) collaboration in rap history.

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Long Time No See

Well, it has been almost over 3 years since I’ve made my last post. I’m thanking God that I’m still alive. I will be 25 by the end of this year. A lot has happened in the past 3 years. I’m no longer employed at Deloitte, Michael Jackson died, Trayvon Martin case ended a few weeks ago and George Zimmerman was found not guilty, one of my Audit Seniors got married and I was fortunate enough to attend the wedding, I got promoted at Deloitte to Junior I  (the next year they let me go and I never became a Senior), I’m still trying to sit my CPA exams, Whitney Houston died, Justin Beiber crazed fans sweep the nation, Steve Jobs has died, a new world record in free-diving has been set, the Ravens won the Super Bowl against the 49ers this year, Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher have retired, I’ve grown a half inch, Kevin Hart is now the best comedian alive, my Dad has lost about 20lbs and I have stopped taking my Omega 3 oils.

During 2011, I struggled through my first audit busy season. I averaged near to 55 hours a week, while trying to prepare for my exams. I worked on Saturdays, I performed oil dips, I was able to travel to both Bimini and Turks & Caicos. I worked hard, but I didn’t feel respected by my coworkers. I became despondent and nonchalant; however, it did not effect my work ethic. I was a part of the Deloitte Bowling team. My highest bowling score is 206. I’ve posted it on my Facebook page. I eventually quit attending Deloitte JA meetings and focused more on the annual marathon. I ran 5.5 miles in 2011 and 8 miles in 2012. In 2012, I average 9:15 minutes a mile. That was a great improvement; I had stopped taking Omega 3’s.

I have come to the conclusion that Omega 3’s are not good for you, and as a result I have not taken Omega 3 tablets since January 2012 and I began taking them after my breakup with my ex-girlfriend in September 2009. They were helpful with me improving my mood, but they were harmful in other ways. The oil serves as a blood thinner and I specifically remember feeling extremely woozy one night during my Junior Year after taking about 3 of them that day. That should have been enough of a warning for me; I guess not.

In 2011, I was a part of the Rotaract Polio Bed Race. At first I enjoyed the race, but in 2012 I felt disrespected with regards to any efforts I made towards socializing with my coworkers at Deloitte. I felt out of place. It seemed as though people were vying for me not to succeed. I’ve never felt that so strongly before, and it was such a sharp contrast from coming from an encouraging environment like Morehouse College. When I was at Morehouse, everyone wanted you to succeed because your success was a success for Morehouse and all Morehouse Men. I did not feel that level of cohesiveness at Deloitte. I was eventually able to do more challenging tasks near the end of my J1 year such as the IFRS checklists, and the auditing of more material account balances, but by then I believe my displeasure with the firm was already evident.

I was working at SMS Chartered Accountants just a few weeks ago (the company restructured and I was let go). Deloitte gave me the same restructuring excuse. It has been said that I take myself too seriously, which to me sounds like an excuse for them to have me lighten up so they can cut some crude jokes on/around me to which they know I can’t retaliate or defend myself against due to my position level in the firm. ….. I’m just saying!

I am currently taking a Series 7 course with the Nastac Group (which is affiliated with SMS Chartered Accountants). I was able to fix the Chevy Epica a little bit since I last made a post. Many more of the Deloitte employees left since December 29th, 2010. It seems as if the entire place is dead now, or at least completely different. My forced departure from Deloitte was bittersweet. On one end, I was happy to leave what I perceived to be a negative environment, but on the other end I knew that I still had a lot to glean in terms of experience from an environment such as Deloitte. Despite all the complaints that people had about the company, I believe that Deloitte served as a good learning ground.

The week after I was fired from Deloitte, I attended Cursillo BMC #23; it was a life changing experience. On September 16th, 2012, I got baptized by then Father Campbell of St. Gregory’s the Great (he is now affectionately known as Canon Campbell). I was then confirmed the following day. I was unemployed for 3 months and then I had a two week contractual stint at Furniture Plus, where I was responsible for reconciliations. The people at Furniture Plus Group were very friendly; I miss it there. I then worked on a contractual basis for SMS Chartered Accountants where I was outsourced as a Client Accountant to Equity Trust Bahamas Limited. While there I learned a lot about QuickBooks from the Filipino CA’s. I am currently an executive member of PYL Golden Gates Branch. I am serving as the Sub-Branch Treasurer for the 2013-2014 year. I am also currently the Assistant Treasurer for St. Gregory’s the Great’s ACM group, I am currently the youngest executive member. I am also a lay reader in the church. I read the 2nd lesson in church in this morning’s 7 am service. I was also able to read during the Independence Day Service in the presence of the Rt. Honorable Shane Gibson. I was very nervous, but I was told that I did well.

My sister is now 20 and she attends Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. I’m proud of her, she has done well so far. She is studying Urban Development and has just returned from a 2 month stay in Germany. My mum was assisting her cousins to start their own business called College Ready Bahamas, but the cousins ended up firing her and now my mum and my dad are now trying to start their own business. The Morehouse Alumni Association has started to form in the Bahamas, I’m also a member of that. I do not plan on holding a position in that organization. My former employer was a Morehouse Man, I haven’t attended many of the meetings. These last 3 years have been full of ups and downs. Overall, I’ve been drawn closer to God and my family. I have been able to save $8,000 and instead of keeping it at Scotiabank I have kept it in a CFAL Bond Fund account. My former employer (SMS) skipped out on NIB payments and now I have to back-pay, so about $300 of the funds have to go towards those back payments. SMS was a small start up Latino-American based accounting firm that had alot of organizational/business development to undergo.

There has been so much that has happened, I just can not put it all in words. In closing, I have achieved alot but I hope to achieve much more. I have applied to a company in Freeport, I hope to be able to move out of the house and work there this year.

And as you can see Drake is still doing his thing!

Rick Ross – Aston Martin Music ft. Drake – (Video)

Sitting in the audit room contemplating life. It’s amazing to think that I made to Deloitte and Touche, now the best accounting firm in the world based on revenue, head count, and places to launch a career. Despite my life’s successes, I still feel as though I have a void in my life. At times I sense that there’s more to life than money, cars and hoes. One may say that life should be about spending time with the one’s you love rather than pursuing carnal pleasures and material possessions. I agree. At this point, I have about $2000 – $3000 in the bank, I have bought all the clothes and shoes that I coveted during my time in college, and yet I still feel a void.

I woke up a little late for work (6:30) and I also got to work a little late (7:45). This would be early for others but it was a late arrival for me. It seemed that the entire day was going all haywire, especially since I would not get home until 8pm today due to my scheduled JA appointment. This song and video spoke to me. It reminded me of how far I’ve come. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in possession of an Aston Martin, but I have achieved alot for my first 21 years on earth and I’m on track to achieve alot more (possibly more than I can currently imagine at this stage in my life).

Growing up in an apartment with the tiles peeling off the floors, and not having enough money to do alot of the things the children at my school took for granted has provided me with a perspective that most people would not be able to relate to. I understand the struggles that people face and the naysayers that we must often ignore in order to achieve our goals (Per example, the little girl in skit that says that Ross would never earn enough money to purchase an Aston Martin). Sometimes you just have to ignore them and keep pressing on. Never Give Up.

This song really spoke to me today.