Track & Field: Speed Work

Today was a busy day. I ended up dropping my grandparents to Princess Margaret Hospital, taking my grandmother to Wendy’s, the food store and Royal Bank of Canada, submit my redemption form to CFAL, get a haircut, pickup about 10 lbs of grits, put gas in the car, complete both a morning and evening workout and complete disc 3 in the Joseph Prince A Spirit Led -Life Series.

The shape up cost $7 and I was able to set record times on the paved track today. Three of the four times were my top 5 fastest times on the track.  Here are the times below:

1:38.81 – Lap 1 (2nd fastest time)

1:38.86 – Lap 2 (3rd fastest time)

1:34.60 – Lap 3 PR

1:48.59 – Lap 4

I googled some speed drills last night and I applied them the following day and these are the times that I were able to produce once I applied the drills. My goal is to get down to 1:25 on a consistent basis. In order to do that, I would inevitably have to lose a few pounds, but as they say that comes with the territory. The last lap was a bit of a struggle, I don’t believe my form was as strong as it should have been.  The first lap was a shocker because I felt as though I had gone 1:50 or so because I was not very fatigued. The second lap was even more of a shocker since I thought that I would have added time. The third lap was the most shocking since I coaxed myself to take it easy and relax. On the third lap I was mostly focused on not breaking form, breathing comfortably, keeping a good rhythm and not breaking stride.

Another one of the speed drills is for me to run hills, hopefully I can do that tomorrow. I have created a weekly schedule for my running development. If I can adhere to it, I can hope to see more time improvements like the ones I saw tonight. I can’t wait.  Just for me to get under 1:40 with that level of ease and to do it 3 out of 4 times was simply amazing. Just last week, running under 1:40 seemed like an event. Well, I had three big events tonight. Lol. The previous record was 1:35.14 which would equate to an improvement of 0.54 seconds, but the overall workout was all together faster. Furthermore, the PR was ran after clocking 1:38.81 and 1:38.86 on two previous runs both of which did not physically exhaust me to the extent that I would have been a week ago.

Strangely, I haven’t heard anything from the people at Progressive Young Liberals. Something is not right with that picture.

The drills/exercises that I used that seemed to have such a dramatic impact were: high knee lifts, butt kicks, lunges, and karoakes. I have yet to run hills or use a parachute to assist my efforts. I took special attention to keeping my fingers opening, driving my elbows back and not letting my arms cross over my chest during my cycle. If the arms cross the chest it prevents the knees from coming up and that breaks your stride when you run. I’m still a bit overweight, so I know that I can greatly improve on this time. It won’t be long before I have a post up saying that I made a new PR.

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